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We've gone Soft - BOVI-BOND Soft

We are pleased to introduce Bovi-Bond Soft as the latest addition to the Bovi-Bond line of quality blocking products. Bovi-Bond Soft is the first and ONLY Soft and supportive block adhesive available. This new hybrid adhesive that combines a strong bond with a softer final hardness offers you as hoof-trimmer, vet or dairy farmer many benefits including:

- Same strong bond as original Bovi-Bond
- Soft and supportive
- Reduces sole bruising
- Same fast set time as Bovi-Bond
- Great for thin soled cows

Standard for more than 15 years

Increase cow Comfort by using the most consistent and reliable block adhersive.
Bovi-Bond is a state of the art fast-setting adhesive used to glue rubber and wood blocks to bovine claws.
This strong adhesive sets quickly and secures a solid bond. It's unique chemistry possesses no odors.
Simply dispense to the block and position against the hoof. No mixing is required and no waste is produced. 

- Store cold or warm 
- A one year shelf life
- Dispensed with an automixing gun
- Sets in 30 seconds
- Weight bearing in 2 - 3 minutes
- No hand mixing or waste.